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Featured News

Party Party Party

We're proud to bring you a limited run of 500 hand numbered CDs and unlimited downloads of our new EP "Party Party Party." This is a sweet moment in our history as … [Read More...]

Featured News

Sing Along With Odds – Someone Who’s Cool karaoke

Send us YOUR versions http://youtu.be/8XF9VHm_u_0 … [Read More...]

More News

Thanks Bomber Brewing

We had a great time at the launch of "Superpest IPA" at Bomber Brewing in Vancouver. A parking lot bar-b-q says summer has begun. … [Read More...]

Who’s in New York Friday Nov 22nd? Craig and Adam Levy are doing a show!

Craig will be sharing the stage with Adam Levy at Rockwood Music Hall in New York on Nov 22nd. They'll play some songs together, some surprise covers and fiddle around on their own as well. It's recommended to get advance tickets … [Read More...]

Sneak Peak at Next EP “Game Face On”

Here is Murray singing lead vocals on the title track of the upcoming Odds EP. It's a wee taste....an exerpt if you will. CLICK HERE!! … [Read More...]